Why Using Double Filtration/Bags on a Central Vacuum Is Best.

Why Using Double Filtration/Bags on a Central Vacuum Is Best.

One thing I found is that many people look at using bags for their central vacuum system as a in a negative way. Most central vacuum on the market today allow for bagged or bagless use. A lot of home owners don’t understand the pros of bagged filtration. If you are in the market for a central vacuum and you don’t quite know what type of filtration you should be looking for I hope to explain everything as thorough as possible.




Primary Filter of a Central Vacuum System all blocked up.

As shown in the above image, this central vacuum never used a bag although it had the option to use the bag. Unfortunately, this central vacuum suffered motor damage due to all the dust and debris that went through the filter and into the motor. Other than the dust and debris going through to the motor another issue is that this filter gets totally plugged up which will ultimately reduce the suction of the vacuum travelling into your home and allowing you to vacuum. So, you are not getting the designed suction when you are vacuuming.



Here Is an Image of a Central Vacuum System’s “Primary Filter” that was using Double Filtration/Bags


In the above image we have a 8-year-old central vacuum that was using a bagged filtration and you can see the primary filter is not blocked at all, virtually dust free and very clean. The primary filter in its clean state allows your central vacuum to perform at the designed water lift. The bag also allows you to have peace of mind knowing your motor is not running under pressure because of a blocked filter and neither is your motor getting damaged with dust being sucked in.


I always suggest using double filtration for performance issues and the vacuums health. However, another advantage I need to address is that using bags allows for cleaner air. A lot of people reading this who already have a central vacuum probably have a dusty garage. When you are not using a bag the dust goes straight through to the motor and through the exhaust right into your garage air or even worse, basement/utility room. That obviously is not good for the air quality of your home. So, if you are one of these people who have a ton of dust on their central vacuum power unit, walls or all over your car you can solve this issue by using double filtration.


The last advantage of using bags I will point out is the fact that with using double filtration/bags your system is running literally maintenance free and much cleaner. Emptying a dusty bucket and having your face caked with your vacuum dust is not pleasant whatsoever! With bags your central vacuum will need no maintenance, all that is needed is for your to change the bag periodically. There is no set time-frame to change your bag but you want it to be at least 90% full. There is no set time frame for bag changing only because it varies on how many people are in a home, pets and shedding.

Basically there really is no advantage to using a central vacuum system without a bag , and all it will do is cost you more money in the long run.

Until next time, keep vacuuming.

The Vac Man